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Expert Concrete Cutting Services

We understand the importance of precision and efficiency in concrete cutting. Whether you’re starting a renovation project or need to create precise openings in concrete structures, our professional concrete-cutting services are perfect for your needs. Our high-quality service makes us an industry pioneer, and our years of experience make us the best option for you. Our team of skilled professionals utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure precise and clean cuts every time. From simple slab cutting to intricate wall sawing and core drilling, we have the expertise to handle all your projects, no matter how complex they are. We offer efficiency, safety, and incredible prices!

Versatile cutting services

At Togh Stone Concrete, we offer a large range of concrete cutting services, including:

  • Slab Sawing:  Our slab sawing services are ideal for creating openings in concrete floors, pavements, and other horizontal surfaces with precision and efficiency.

  • Wall Sawing: If you need to cut precise openings in vertical concrete structures, our wall sawing services are perfect to provide accurate results, allowing for easy installation of doors, windows, and ventilation systems.

  • Core Drilling: Our core drilling services are versatile and reliable, ranging from small-diameter holes for plumbing and electrical installations to larger openings for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

  • Wire Sawing: Our wire sawing services provide unmatched efficiency and precision for projects requiring the cutting of large concrete structures such as bridges, dams, and towers.

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Ready to contact us with our experts in Grand Rapids and nearby cities? If you are looking for a company that will do the job with professionalism and efficiency, you are in the right place. Our core drilling, wall sawing, and slab sawing services won’t disappoint you. We will be your best allies in your construction projects. Our cost-effective service mixes commitment to quality, precision, and customer satisfaction to reach and exceed your expectations.

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